Get Ahead

Whereas taxes keep going up and life is getting too costly.

We the undersigned call on the government to live within its means and leave more money in our pockets, so life becomes affordable and we can get ahead. 

Who's signing

Harvey Wichers
Heather McCurdy
Loretta Walsh
Kain Milakovic
Donna Flemming
Claire McDonald
LaVerne Keller
Gloria Vickerage
anna cain
Diane Michaud
Ruth kay
Stuart Manchester
Barb Ward
Jan Fish
Jennifer Lecompte
Micheal Scott
Shauna Seitz
Donald Joudoin
Aaron Monty
Lindsey Krieger
Sandra Toll
Jerome Gross
Heather Knechtel
George Atlee
Wendy Roberts
Glenn Worton
Judy Dyrland
166 signatures

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