Get Ahead

Whereas taxes keep going up and life is getting too costly.

We the undersigned call on the government to live within its means and leave more money in our pockets, so life becomes affordable and we can get ahead. 

Who's signing

Sandra Toll
Jerome Gross
Heather Knechtel
George Atlee
Wendy Roberts
Glenn Worton
Judy Dyrland
Clifford Dawe
Vivian Brisson
Lise Belair
Barbara Low
Magdalena Zecevic
Delaine Allen
James Swan
Lorraine Wowk
Rick Guyatt
Corey Gent
Penny Scully
Cordelia Allard
Liam McDonald
Linda Leiska
Kevin Zanner
Cheryl Cable
Jeff Barney
Steven Ellis
Micheal Hawkins
Faye Croteau
Allie Fallis
Perry Berndt
Beverley Metler
142 signatures

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