Keep the fight alive

This is one unpredictable world we live in.  


But one thing is for sure: Justin Trudeau needs an election before the truth comes out in his WE scandal; and before the bill comes due for all of his deficit spending. Whenever he calls an election, we have to be ready. Desperate men do desperate things.  


And we can’t afford another four years of tax and squander Liberal government. 


Thankfully, our MP Pierre Poilievre has led the charge for accountability and fiscal responsibility.  


He has caught Liberals in their lies, fought their reckless spending; and exposed their corruption.  


He fights because he believes in what he is fighting for. We know he is fighting for us. 


That is why Trudeau worked hard to unseat him in the most recent election.  


And the Liberals will try to silence Pierre again. But we won’t let them.  


To ensure Pierre wins re-election, and defends our values and interests in Parliament, we need to raise money.  


Please join us in donating now. Keep our MP elected and the fight alive.  


Click here to donate now.  


Thank you,


Pierre Poilievre's Team