Let's Get Moving


  • That CN rail transports a quarter-of-a-trillion dollars a year of goods over 20,000 miles of rail;  
  • That a prolonged strike will cost billions of dollars to farmers, small businesses, and the workers of companies prevented from getting goods to market;
  • That automotive, fertilizer, food, forestry, energy, agricultural and many other businesses will soon be in crisis and layoffs will begin within days if trains do not move;
  • That Parliament has not met in 5 months and that the election happened more than a month ago.


We the undersigned:

Call on the Prime Minister to get back to work, immediately recall Parliament and pass legislation to end the work stoppage.

Who's signing

Daniel Trepanier
Manu S-M
Michelle Simmons
Diane Bozich
Lyndy Barfoot
Cris Ferrante
Keith Burgess
Laird Duncan
debbie lamb
Garry Wetendorf
Duane Stewart
Cindy Walker
Heather Davis
Lynda Pradella
Jessica Reddy
Shannon Lothammer
Clifford Dawe
victoria killeen
Raymond Daigneault
Chris Killeleagh
Wendy Lovegrove
Myrna Bentilla
Jordan Vermette
Shannon Leitch Guest
Bill Reddy
Fran Reddy
Kathy Feser
Janet MacGregor
Dale Adams
Linda Mackenzie
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