First, politician, do no harm.

Once upon a time, a doctor poisoned his patient. Just as the patient was starting to fall ill the doctor quickly administered an antidote to save him. “You owe your life to me,” the doctor told him. “If I hadn’t neutralized the poison, you’d be dead.” The patient asked, “But why did you poison me in the first place?” Replied the doctor: “If I hadn’t, I would not have had the chance to save your life - and saving lives is my business.” Continue reading

Taking a BAT to Canadian Jobs.

When it comes to trade, Presidentelect Donald Trump does not seem all that concerned about Canada. That doesn’t mean Canadian exporters should not be concerned about him. While we will likely escape the targeted tariffs he plans against countries like Mexico and China, a revolutionary Republican tax proposal could damage Canada more than any other nation on earth. Continue reading