Protect our History

Whereas, Canadians are blessed to have inherited British Parliamentary democracy and common law--the greatest systems of democracy and justice ever conceived;

Whereas, the English liberties Canada inherited and passed down the ages belong now to all Canadians from all parts of the world who have come to share in and contribute to our freedoms; 

Whereas, John A. MacDonald and the other founding fathers planted these freedoms to grow into a flourishing country a century and a half ago;

These signatories:

believe in preserving the memory of our first Prime Minister and in celebrating our common history; 

reject efforts to tear down our history and replace it with a foolish socialist ideology that has impoverished every people that has tried it;

reject the use of political correctness to control other people and rob freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of enterprise;

call on all governments to keep their hands off statues and monuments to this proud history and these ancient freedoms.

Will you sign?