Trudeau Must Resign

Justin Trudeau attempted to interfere with the criminal prosecution of a Liberal linked corporation by exerting undue pressure on his Attorney General. 

We the undersigned call for his resignation, to restore faith in our system of justice and our institutions of government.

Who's signing

Mike Powless
Claude Verreault fils
Alex Hong
shirley Lajoie
Jamie Gordon
Jade Blatz
Bryan Shannon
michael ashfield
Penelope Schill
Darlene McCue
Jacqueline Richardson
Sunil Soni
Jean-François Garcia
Shirley Werk
Merv Werk
David Kiessling
Dave Barnes
Donna Vogel
Pat Reeve
Nick Ranger
Cindy Aquin
RoseMarie Gagne
Aime Gagne
Joel Gagne
Clarence Hick
Dianna McKay
Michael Moore
Carol Kinzer
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