Trudeau Must Resign

Justin Trudeau attempted to interfere with the criminal prosecution of a Liberal linked corporation by exerting undue pressure on his Attorney General. 

We the undersigned call for his resignation, to restore faith in our system of justice and our institutions of government.

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Daphne Smith
Anh Khong
Marika Nemeth
maria vincelli
Marc Ponton
Linda Caton
Matt Hughes
Gaylene Carpenter
Bob Lawrence
Milica Vasiljevic
Clinton Gordon
Sylvia Parker
Randy Chartrand
Denis Demenace
Greg Stephen
Susie Lawrence
rick Luscombe
Rajdeep Singh
Ray Ropp
ramsey bedet
Nelson Blaskie
Denise Bourgeois
Jeff Houlton
Ron pyke
Lynne Darch
Kevin Stromberg
Kala Laybolt
Lucyna Wedzik
Andreas Antoni
robin antoni
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