Trudeau Must Resign

Justin Trudeau attempted to interfere with the criminal prosecution of a Liberal linked corporation by exerting undue pressure on his Attorney General. 

We the undersigned call for his resignation, to restore faith in our system of justice and our institutions of government.

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Eric Hotte
Gisele Contant
Yvon Riopel
Rod Tasse
Dan Dupuis
Shawn Fox
Adam Dovichak
Aline Brown
Bev Harward
Douglas Robilliard
Manu S-M
Jessica Wurtz
Patrick Beaudry
Don Thibeault
Anna Thibeault
Alana Wright
Fay Burr
Doug Grodaes
chris litchford
Teresa Poland
Carolyn Ross
Lloyanne Schaefer
Claude Letendre
ian couzens
Daniel Trepanier
Robert Williamson
John Kieffer
Rose Ballantyne
William Taylor
Michael Pickett
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